The Lennen Bilingual School,
Franco-American School of Paris

Learning beyond the classrooms

Beyond the classrooms our students’ lives are rich and exciting. Our cultural excursions, field trips, and various educational workshops are designed to broaden the horizons of our young learners, allowing them to connect their school learning with the real world.

These unique experiences shape their knowledge as well as their interpersonal skills, and help them find their place within their local (and global) community. Each experience is an opportunity to explore, experiment, and grow!

Field trips

Cultural excursions

Music lessons

Theater workshops

Sports & Swimming

Pony Club

Extracurricular Activities

LBS Extracurricular Partners:

In collaboration with carefully selected partners, the Lennen Bilingual School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities on its Primary and Middle School campuses via : ALCNY, Play-Well, Noir & Blanc, and La Petite Académie.

Indeed, learning does not end when you leave your classroom. Extracurricular activities are an enriching extension of our educational program, allowing children to develop new skills, follow their passions, and establish strong friendships (in French or English).


With ALCNY, students discover and learn to master English naturally and effortlessly! ALCNY uses the ESL (English as a Second Language) method to help students progress in English through culture, games, visual arts, music, and small challenges that will help them assert themselves and thrive.


Play-Well’s pedagogy is based on discovery, experimentation, and manipulation. Based on the concept imagined by Tim Bowen with the aim of inspiring the extensive world of engineering to children through experimentation and play, Play-Well offers the use of LEGO© as a learning tool to make scientific and technical culture accessible to children.

Noir & Blanc

The Noir & Blanc workshops aim to use chess as a means of complementing a child’s academic journey by helping to develop skills in a easygoing manner, including : logic, calculation skills, concentration, analytical skills, respect, rigor, perseverance and imagination.

La Petite Académie

LA PETITE ACADÉMIE offers a strong and unique concept: approaching art in a fun way thanks to a unique teaching method specially developed by its founder Nathalie Virot.

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