Primary school

Our goal is to have happy, creative students who work to achieve their full potential in an international classroom, working in dual language through immersion in French and English.

In the primary grades the children spend half of each day immersed in English and the other half immersed in French.

The children work in language arts and mathematics in French and English, following both the French program and the American program.

The science program is in English while the history and geography programs are in French.

The classes work on a yearlong theme both during French and English language arts and mathematics, as well as art, music, and science to create a link between the languages and the subjects.

The class programs offer the students relevant and appropriately challenging work. The teachers encourage their students to learn and develop their intellectual curiosity. The students are given the opportunity to lead, to take action, to be part of a team, to be part of a work group and to appreciate cultural diversity in their class, in their school and in the world around them.

The teacher’s role is to set appropriate learning challenges for each student, to respond to each child’s learning needs, to help and guide overcome any potential learning barrier. This is done in the classroom and with the help of learning specialists if needed. We offer support in French or English for those students who need it.

We accept students with special needs in our classes with the appropriate help and structure around them, to make it a positive and learning experience both for that child and the other students in the class.

Each student’s progress is monitored through regular and daily teacher observation in the class and through assessments at the end of every trimester.

Parents will receive three report cards and be invited to two Parent Teacher Conferences in January and June.

Communication between the teachers and the parents is vital and encouraged in our school. Parents are informed immediately if the teacher has a concern about their child and likewise, parents are encouraged to contact the teachers if they have any concerns.

Respect is an important value in our school: respecting each other, our different cultures and the environment are vital. Through respect comes positive learning and well-adjusted students ready to learn and grow into citizens of the world.

After the Lennen Bilingual School our students have integrated the following schools in Paris: Massillon bilingual class, Ecole Jeanine Manuel, Ecole Internationale Bilingue (The Victor Hugo School), Ecole Internationale Bilingue, Eurécole, International School of Paris, Institut de la Tour (English Section), Kingsworth International School and Marymount International School.

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