A multicultural, bilingual environment. 
Welcome to the Lennen Bilingual School, Franco American School of Paris. The school was founded in 1960, by Mrs. Patricia Lennen, a pioneer in bilingual education.

Michelle Lennen, Patricia’s daughter, has replaced her as Head of School, and works with a wonderful team of teachers and staff to continue and adapt the concept of bilingual education, dual language acquisition, to today’s world.

Our school is international, it welcomes children and their families from many different countries and cultures, all with the same goal: learning in two languages from the beginning of their schooling, thus acquiring the skill to think and learn in both French and English.

The staff consists of well-qualified and experienced teachers with classroom management skills. The teachers allow each student to learn at their pace to be challenged and to search for success. Our teachers have different backgrounds and different nationalities which enrich our school community.

Using immersion in our classrooms:
In the Preschool, the children are welcomed by two teachers; one French speaker, one English speaker.
In the Primary school, the day is divided in two halves: the students work and learn half day in French, the other half day in English.