Objectives and philosophy

The Lennen Bilingual School, Franco American School of Paris, is an independent Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary school providing a solid educational foundation within the context of the only truly bilingual dual language environment offered in the city of Paris. Commitment from its experienced staff, sound direction and continued parental support have allowed The Lennen Bilingual School to thrive for over fifty years and to offer the best that one can offer a child: a guided hand at play, an opportunity to discover, an affirmation of the self, the other and the world around. Centrally located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, the Lennen Bilingual School welcomes applicants from all backgrounds without respect to race, color or creed or to national or ethnic origin.

The Lennen Bilingual school offers a program in French and English which is neither experimental nor solely committed to one method of instruction but is based on the sound principles of child development, originally influenced by the teaching of John Dewey’s “Play is a child’s way of learning”. Following the educational trends through the decades, the school has become more structured and academically oriented. Throughout its evolution, The Lennen Bilingual School has remained open to meet the needs of each child yet flexible to suit the demands of an ever-changing world.

In keeping with our founding principles, The Lennen Bilingual School aims to promote an environment where the child is happy and can develop all aspects of her personality. For young children, learning takes place as they touch, manipulate, experiment and interact with others. We believe that the learning programs for children should be developmentally appro- priate. Our programs promote success for the child.

With each child, The Lennen Bilingual School aims to:

  • Inspire thought, reason and inquiry through experience
  • Build healthy and positive self concepts
  • Develop initiative and decision making skills
  • Provide opportunities to enhance social skills
  • Offer a comprehensive program for physical development
  • Teach respect and appreciation for diversity in society
  • tCommunicate good health, safety and nutrition habits

Private school / Ecole privée hors contrat - RNE : 075 505 3K - Association Loi 1901 - Siret: 349 898 114 000 21

Preschool : 65, quai d’Orsay - Toddlers : 145, rue Saint Dominique - Primary School : 11 avenue de Villars Paris 75007